Zechariah 14 Map Jehovah Shammah

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  • This verse is discussing the amazing vision that Ezekiel had of Jerusalem as it will be in the Millennial Age and of the sanctuary that will be there. The detail is astonishing from part 40 to 48. He saw a heavenly sanctuary and depicted it even to its measurements and point by point estimations.

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  • The reason that there are two different variants of Zechariah 14:5 is on the grounds that a Hebrew verb that happens three times in this verse can be pronounced two different ways, which brings about two altogether different meanings. The LXX, which is a Greek translation of the Hebrew sacred texts made about 1000 years before the MT was completely redacted.

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  • great post about he jehovah shammah

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  • This situation require a Temple to be accessible on the day the Lord returns, yet since the here Temple mount will have been earth by the seismic tremor detailed over, this Temple must be elsewhere. Since the rivulet starts under the Temple and streams from its south side before roving East and West, the Temple must be north of the of late made waterway valley.

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