Prophecy Sign #9: Antichrist receives a Deadly Head Wound

Sign #9

Antichrist receives Deadly Head Wound

Revelation 13:3 (NIV)
3 One of the heads of the beast seemed to have had a fatal wound, but the fatal wound had been healed. The whole world was astonished and followed the beast.

What it looks like

A fatal head wound will permanently damage his arm and right eye. According to Zechariah 11:16, the Antichrist's arm will be completely withered and his right eye totally blinded.

This story will broadcast around the world. It will be beyond belief. It will challenge your faith. And if you are not prepared, it will cause you to doubt everything the Bible teaches about Jesus Christ. The Antichrist will receive a very literal deathblow to his head and then he will be miraculously brought back to life.

Current Status



See Prophecy Sign #10

Assume you are the Antichrist. Assume that you are right handed. Take your right forefinger and place it on your head exactly halfway between your right ear and the very top of your head. There is where the injury hits.

After a reasonably lengthy recovery period, it leaves you with a withered paralyzed left arm and a left-sided visual field cut. The upper portion (around the eye) of the right side of your face sags a bit also. But you can still think and you can still speak clearly.

The description of this sequelae is a classic neurological distribution of a head wound.

If pictures of the parts of the body are drawn next to their corresponding brain areas, the fingers are very large and the arms and back are small.This type of picture is called a homunculus, literally,"little man" or person.

All sensory systems feed information into the cerebral cortex in orderlymaps, even though the other peripheral sensory receptors, unlike those ofthe touch or tactile system, are concentrated in small organs: eyes, ears,nose, and tongue. Information from each of these senses is mapped onto adifferent brain area.

On the antichrist's head injury. Here are some sites to show where the injury will occur: This is a good one. Look how hand and arm are right next to eye. Bullet or external clubbing injury right there.


Let's assume that the antichrist is right handed (just because the odds are in favor of right-handedness). Then it will need to be a right-sided brain injury if the antichrist is right handed since his speech is governed by the left side of the brain and the ability to speak clearly will obviously be necessary. A right-sided brain injury results in paralysis of his LEFT arm and a left-sided visual field cut.


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