Prophecy Sign #15:  Mystery Babylon Revealed and Destroyed

Sign #15

Mystery Babylon Revealed and Destroyed

Revelation 17:1 (NIV)
1 One of the seven angels who had the seven bowls came and said to me, "Come, I will show you the punishment of the great prostitute, who sits on many waters.

Revelation 17:5 (NIV)

Revelation 17:18 (NIV)
18 The woman you saw is the great city that rules over the kings of the earth."

What it looks like

Revelation 17 and 18 include some of the most profound, and difficult, prophecies in the Bible. In these chapters we are given some astounding information regarding Antichrist and another symbolic woman, a very powerful end-times city called "Mystery Babylon the Great."

Two full chapters in Revelation are devoted to the identity and the destruction of Mystery Babylon. It seems to be a combination of a religious/political system. The Antichrist will ride her to power, establish himself as world ruler, and literally destroy her in a single day. Prophecy students have lots of thoughts on this prophecy, but it remains the most mysterious to me. For many years I was not sure who Mystery Babylon is. Is this a powerful nation that will join forces with the Antichrist? Does it look more like the radical Muslim threat against Israel and the West? Could it be a reference to modern day Iraq, where the original Babylon existed?  I have come to believe that Mystery Babylon is "End Times" Jerusalem, who will commit spiritual adultery when she joins forces with the Antichrist and exports the worship of the Beast to the entire world.  The position is not without some difficulties, but overall I think it is the correct interpretation.

Current Status



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Who is Mystery Babylon?

In Revelation 17 & 18 John gives us clues as to the identity of Babylon the Great;   Mystery Babylon is symbolized by a "mystical woman" who will be guilty of committing heinous spiritual adulteries and abominations against God during Daniel's 70th week. Her acts are identified as "adulterous" because she has broken her original relationship with God to pursue other "lovers" or idols. In the beginning of Daniel's 70th week, the Antichrist and his beast kingdom will find it necessary to temporarily align with this power-house nation while he develops his own 10-nation end-times empire and gains control of the world.

Mystery Babylon is symbolized by a "great city." This city is the most wealthy, God-forsaking super power on the face of the earth during the end times. Tragically, she did not begin this way. She was once a "gold cup in the Lord's hand." But over time she has become exceedingly arrogant, woefully independent of God and self-indulgent.   She is so powerful, she is convinced that she will never fall and views herself as "the queen" of the world.

At some point in Daniel's 70 the week, Mystery Babylon will be destroyed by the Antichrist, but not before God calls his saints out of this mystery city. Her complete destruction by fire will occur in a single day.  Revelation 17 and 18, Ezekiel 16, along with Jeremiah 50 and 51 describes the identity and destruction of Babylon at "the day of the Lord."

Biblically, a mystery is a truth that is only known by divine revelation. The identity of Mystery Babylon is a mystery that needs to be solved. We will refer frequently to Jeremiah 50 and 51 which reveals helpful information concerning the identity of Prophetic Babylon and additional clues regarding this key end-times city that rules over the kings of the earth. I believe Mystery Babylon is the future eschatological Jerusalem that will exist at the time of Daniel's 70th week and helps pave the way for Antichrist's rise to world power.





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