(Adapted from Rodney Stortz)


CHAPTER                           SUBJECT                                                            KING/KINGDOM

DANIEL 1       Daniel and his three friends: men of conviction       Nebuchadnezzar II

*DANIEL 2      Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of the statue of the 4 kingdoms

Ø Head of Gold:                                                              Babylon (636-536 B.C.)

Ø Chest and arms of silver:                                          Persia (536-333 B.C.)

Ø Belly and thighs of bronze:                                       Greece (333-146 B.C.)

Ø Legs of iron with feet of iron and clay:                    Rome & Antichrist

Daniel interprets the dream

DANIEL 3       Nebuchadnezzar’s gold statue: men of faith             Nebuchadnezzar II

The blazing furnace

DANIEL 4       Nebuchadnezzar’s dream about a tree                       Nebuchadnezzar III

Daniel explains the dream

DANIEL 5       The handwriting on the wall                                           Belshazzar

Daniel explains the writing

DANIEL 6        Daniel in the lion’s den                                                   Darius the Mede

*DANIEL 7       Daniel’s prophetic zoo of four kingdoms                     Belshazzar (553 B.C.)

Ø Lion                        Babylon (636-536 B.C.)

Ø Bear                        Persia (536-333 B.C.)

Ø Leopard                 Greece (333-146 B.C.)

Ø Beast                      Rome & Antichrist

*DANIEL 8          Daniel’s vision of the ram and goat                              Belshazzar (550 B.C.)

Ø Ram                         Persia (536-333 B.C.)

Ø Goat                         Greece (333-146 B.C.)

Gabriel explains the vision

*DANIEL 9       Daniel’s prayer for his people                                           Darius (539 B.C.)

Daniel’s vision of the seventy weeks

*DANIEL 10       Daniel’s vision of the “son of man”                                Darius (536 B.C.)

*DANIEL 11       Daniel’s vision of the kings of the south and north      Antiochus/Antichrist

*DANIEL 12       Daniel’s vision of the time of the end                            Antichrist

Tribulation and resurrection

* denotes prophetic chapters

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