About Donnie, your Author/Webmaster

I am passionate about three things in life: family, business, and the Bible. More specifically, the Book of Revelation and Daniel. I have been studying, teaching and writing about the "End Times" for the better part of four decades.

My interest in Bible Prophecy first piqued in the mid-1970s when I read The Late Great Planet Earth, by Hal Lindsey. I soon began devouring all the literature I could find on the subject. I continued my informal Revelation education by studying the masters of the field, notably Charles Ryrie, Clarence Larkin, C.I. Scofield, and John F. Walvoord. My past favorite authors and Revelation commentators include J. Vernon McGee, Charles Swindoll, Ray Stedman and Tim LaHaye (the "Left Behind" series).

In the 90's, Marvin Rosenthal and his excellent work, "The Pre-Wrath Rapture of the Church", played a significant role in my understanding of Eschatology.  I shifted from a Pre-tribulation position to Pre-Wrath.  I had the privilege of meeting Marv once, and we had a memorable conversation.  Marv asked me what argument in his book most convinced me that the Rapture would not be 'pre-tribulation.'  I told him, "That's easy, 2 Thessalonians 2 and how the Church would witness the Antichrist proclaiming himself God in the rebuilt temple in Jerusalem before the Second Coming of Jesus."  Marv smiled and heartily shook his head up and down. "Exactly," he responded.

Around 2000, I progessed a little further, and eventually adopted the position of Historic Premillennialism (Post Tribulation).  Some fine men and writers ultimately convinced me of this 'less than popular' position:  My two favorite Pastors, Michael P. Andrus and Brad Harper, writers George Eldon Ladd, "The Blessed Hope", Joel Richardson "The Islamic Antichrist" and "Mideast Beast", Dr. Gavin Finley and his site http://endtimepilgrim.org and Reggie Kelly and his blog  http://the.mysteryofisrael.org That's a long spiritual journey for a former Catholic altar boy, but the mysteries of prophecy are not easy and take time and a lot of study to understand (Isaiah 28:10).

I originally created this website both as an introductory learning tool for those unfamiliar with the Book of Revelation, as well as a forum where those with extensive knowledge on the subject can exchange ideas. In teaching Revelation, I found that its initial obtuseness can be intimidating to newcomers. In response, I developed a set of teaching notes, included on this website under Teaching Notes, which have helped me to make the vital prophecies found in Revelation more accessible to the masses. One day, it will be critical for all Christians to understand the signs of the End Times. This day may be very soon or off in the future, but this website is a small effort to fulfill one of the overarching messages of the Book of Revelation - be prepared!  Lately, my teaching has focused on developing charts to simplify complex prophetic topics to help people understand, as we may be the generation to witness His coming.

Finally, don't be surprised if we are all a little confused on the exact details of the Second Coming.  After all, John the Baptist, one of the most righteous men in the history of the world, was very confused with the details of the First Coming.  It seems God loves mysteries and is pleased when we struggle with His Word.  It forces us to rely more upon Him.  There are at least three commands we are given that produce a lot of tension when considering end-times:  First, the one who endures to the end will be saved.  It begs the question, the end of what?  Second, we are to watch for the specific prophesied signs of His coming so that we are not caught off guard.  Third, Jesus will come at an hour we do not expect.  So, no one is going to figure out, to the day, when He will return.  We are all going to be surprised in one way or another!

On a personal note, I am married to my college sweetheart for 40 years, who not only tolerates but encourages and critiques my End Times theories, and together we have two beautiful daughters, who claim to know way too much about the End Times.